Christ First is a Biblical community ministering and teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ to approximately 350 active participants. Christ First is a multi-generational church reaching out to multiple generations and communities through three separate worship experiences and opportunities for spiritual growth. Jesus didn’t exclusively come for “church people”. He came for EVERYONE. So we strive to create environments on our campus that all people love to attend.

Our mission is to equip every generation to reach their relational world for Christ.

Christ First Church is associated with Transformation Ministries.

For more information, please visit www.tmchurches.org. You can also read more about all of our ministries in our 2019 Annual Report!


Nursery (birth-2 years) at 9:00am and 10:45am in CE 105

Preschool (3 years-kindergarten) at 9:00am and 10:45am in CE 109

Elementary (1st-5th grades) at 9:00am and 10:45am in CE 204

For more information visit the Children's Ministry page or contact Christina Brantuk at christina@christ-first.org

KIDS CHOIR (1st-8th grade)

For more information visit the KIDS Choir page.

YOUTH MINISTRY (Jr High and Sr High)

For more information visit the Youth Ministry page or contact Cameron Gillespie at cameron@christ-first.org or 626-339-7378.

COLLEGE GROUP (18-24 years)

College Group meets at the home of Joel & Katie Diaz every Tuesday evening at 7:30pm in Covina. For questions or more information, please visit the College Life page or email groups@christ-first.org.


We offer a variety of small groups that meet on a regular basis in various locations. For more information visit the Community Groups page or email groups@christ-first.org.