8 to 15 (oikos)

We believe that God has supernaturally and strategically placed 8 to 15 people in our sphere of influence that He wants to reach with His love and grace. We lovingly refer to this as our "8to15" (no spaces). Our church exists to equip you to reach these people.  

The Greeks called them oikos. Oikos is a Greek word that means "household" or "extended family." An oikos is:

  • the most natural and common environment for evangelism to occur
  • a group of eight to fifteen people with whom you share life most closely, your sphere of greatest influence
  • the people for whom God wants to prepare you to become an ideal instrument of His grace
  • a microcosm of the world at large, for whom God sent His Son–-that all who place their faith in Christ would be delivered from the bondage of sin and enjoy life to the fullest

Everyone has an oikos. Yours can consist of a family member who is far from God, an old friend from high school that you still connect with, anyone who you see on a regular basis that you can genuinely and organically lead to Christ.